Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Especially after the last class I was starting to get very distopic. If there is this complex system that we can never begin to even understand part of it then what is the point of even attempting? If anything that we do will never rully resolve the problems that we are seeking to solve, then why try and propose a solution all.

On page 127 Serres begins to address this. He describes life and chaotic and unknowable, and that this is a good thing. "Noise destroys and horrifies. But order and flat repetition are in the vicinity of death. Noise nourishes a new order." If we could figure everything out if we could make sense of it, then there would be no point in doing anything, because the outcome would be predetermined and then not worth doing. By making subtle disruptions and beginning to understanding small part of it, we take control of the system and begin to make changes to it and force others to react and change based one what we have done. Based on what Patrick has been telling us, I guess this is were we have to change our mindset. We have been in a system were we think we can figure it all out. Were we can apply laws and rules that will solve any problem and bring order to the chaos. I guess we have to stop thinking in terms of and end and beginning point.

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