Tuesday, November 24, 2009


In the middle of page 109.

And that is the failure of his tactics: he is also contradictory in wanting to become a parasite while staying silent, a gigolo while remaining virtuous and a virgin. Only writing remains, the vicarious partner of conversation. And he will soon pay an abundant share-if a bit late with this money.

He is describing a guest who does not entertain the host. Does not speak well and must pay for his meal at the end. I have noticed this as a recurring point in the book. The idea that we must be involved in the process, we must interact and be involved in any process.

In this particular situation the guest tries to avoid giving of himself and in the end is punished and must still contribute. No matter what situation we are in we must always give of ourselves, we are all at some point either parasite, host or guest. We are forced to interact with one another and get drawn into these systems, it is unavoidable. At another point in Part II he describes the city mouse and the country mouse having a feast, when the master walks in the country mouse leaves and refuses to return out of fear. In this case by trying to be removed from the situation the mouse ends up upsetting the city mouse and begins to act as the interrupter.

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